Project Description

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The eMWRE will implement an innovative eMaster in water resources to modernise the education using innovative technology and advanced tools to provide more sustainable solutions to the water scarcity problems in the MENA region. The project also aims at developing an eLearning platform to promote joint research, develop and educate on Open Source Software and Open Access data for Integrated Water Resources Management.


The major outcomes of eMWRE are the development of an eLearning MSc. program in Water Resources Engineering (WRE), a set of professional eTraining modules and eLearning platform for water resources management and open software tools. The master programme will be implemented in the four Partners universities (two in Palestine and two in Jordan), where the curriculum, eCourses, and eTraining modules will be developed jointly by the project consortium. The project will contribute to the capacity development of water sector and open education in partners countries to advance their economy and social welfare. At the same time, aim of the project is to promote socially-equitable and gender-balanced access to education.


Graduates of the eMSc program and professionals enrolled in the training modules will have acquired a comprehensive knowledge to successfully plan, design, operate and manage water resources projects; and advice and support authorities in decision-making and the development of policies and regulations that enhance the sustainable use and re-use of water, the equitable distribution and the conservation of the local, regional and global water resources using the latest technologies. The eLearning platform will be developed using emerging facilities and technologies for cloud computing to provide easy access and easy use to data and open source software, courses and training materials for water resources applications.


  • Develop eCurriculum for the new Master in Water Resources Engineering in Palestine.
  • Enhance the academic offer of the existing MSc curricula in partner universities.
  • Develop eTraining modules on open source software for water resources applications.
  • Develop eLearning platform as a repository of Open Education on water resources.
  • Establish new or upgreade existing GIS laboratories in each partner university.
  • Strengthen existing and establish new academic and research network in water resources in partner countries.
  • Stimulate cooperation between academy and local governments.
  • Promote joint research, open-access data and innovative technologies for integrated water resources management.
  • Support students' mobility across countries by developing a standardised eCourses according the Bologna system.
  • Raise awareness in the gender aspects of water use and water management and support gender equality in access to education.