Training on how to develop eLearning content on Moodle.

The aim of the Learn Moodle Course (LMC) is to provide hands-on experience and application to using Moodle platform for the purpose of creating a productive and effective online course. The LMC is aimed at new users of moodle to get the full idea of moodle’s functionalities.

This is a demo course that we are creating to test the capabilities of the OneTopic Moodle plugin

This is a crash course for trainers in projects where online trainings have to be implemented. It covers the didactics and the design of online trainings.

picture for GIS course

For many studies models are used or developed. During modelling courses not much attention is paid to the preprocessing of input data and parameters needed for the models. A lot of open source software is available for this purpose. Besides desktop tools with graphical user interfaces, scripting is very useful for processing large datasets and timeseries. With the skills learned in this course you will be able to more efficiently process your data and setup and improve your models.