IWRM course introduces water resources in semi-arid, arid regions, and challenges facing water sector. It discusses methods of sustainability, and management theories of water resources. The course includes the effect of increasing water demand in different sectors on the availability, quality of sources. Special attention will give to the economic, environmental impact of the integration concept. It analyzes the interrelations among water sources, water uses, and the important of water sustainability. The course offer student to learn how GIS-technique, and relevant software can apply in managing water sources. The goal of this course is to understand the importance of integrated water management for the water security and socio-economic development of the region. This can only be achieved by understanding the unique hydrologic conditions and semi- aquatic ecosystems of the region. Integrated water resources management, Eco hydrological and ecosystem-based approaches and nature-based solutions will be taught. New innovative methodologies (models and GIS) and technologies (UAVs) to promote sustainable water management will be learned.